TACO DAY 708/1000


It’s been a few days since we’ve had the opportunity to plan a killer taco dinner out. This one has been on the list for some time and with a tenderloin I picked up recently it was time to make it happen.

These tacos would inevitably be topped with some fried onion rings, so I sliced up a sweet yellow onion and soaked the rings in buttermilk while I went about my business making a bleu cheese cream.

The cream was a mixture of bleu cheese crumbles,  lemon zest, and lemon juice, mayo salt and pepper. Once the bleu cheese cream was ready I added it to some chopped up cabbage, carrots and cilantro for a pretty tasty slaw that would pair great with the tenderloin meat.

Next I took my buttermilk soaked onion rings and mixed them with flour, salt, cayanne, paprika and pepper before placing them in hot oil and frying them up until golden.

Lastly I seared up the tenderloin in butter and used only pepper and salt to season it. I like to cook my steaks with a pretty high temperature and try to only flip once before letting the meat rest and finish cooking internally.

I finally put these tacos together using both blue corn and nopales infused green tortillas. Each taco had a scoop of the bleu cheese slaw, a mountain of tasty meat , some fried onion rings and a little spoonful of the Bleu Cheese dressing to top it with.

Fraking Deliciousness!


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