TACO DAY 720/1000


After our trip to Texas, a few months, I tried a taco from @ohmygogi_htx that was just next level. I think it may have had something to do with the runny egg that graced the taco. Naturally I had to try it at home, this is my journey.

I still had a Kogi Bulgogi Marinade so all I needed to pick up was the meat and items to make the slaw, sauce, and relish. Luckily @wildomargroceryoutlet had everything I needed including some great cuts of beef rib meat.

First I the sliced the meat up in to thin strips and soaked in in the bulgogi. Next, I chopped up some cabbage, raddishes, bell pepper, and jalapeno into fine little pieces and added in a little soy sauce, red pepper, rice vinegar, lime juice miran, and salt into the mixture and tossed it together into a slaw.

With the slaw complete we moved on to the “relish” which is really just chopped and mixed up green onion, white onion, a bunch of cilantro and lime juice, It’s pretty tasty. The sauce recipe consists of 2 parts sour cream, 2 parts chile paste, 1 part mayonnaise but needs to sit for a while to get the best flavor.

With everything completed I cook the meat over a high heat and in a skillet that. Next I heated up a corn/flour hybrid tortilla and readied my fried egg using the pan at an angle, I tried to shape the eggs so they fit nicely into the tortillas leaving room for the other ingredients to slide right in.

Finally nothing was left to do except to destroy.. and a worthy destruction it was.


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