TACO DAY 721/1000

Grilled carne asada & Pollo Tacos

About a month ago my buddy hooked me up with a super old and original @charbroilgrills from the early 70s. After weeks of grinding, fixing and repainting we were finally able to test her out and on the 4th no less.

I had grinded down so much of the grill that I thought it best to do some seasoning on the grates as well as some smoking to the interior. First items I laid down were ribs and chicken. I smoked them offset from the heat and piled in some hickory woodchips over the coals for more smokey flavors. After a couple hours I added some bacon wrapped jalapenos to the grates until my meats were met their desired temperatures before adding in more wood to increase the heat for grilling up carne asada.

With the fire going strong I also added jalapeno, onion, and tomato to the grill to make a nice charred salsa afterwards.

Back in the kitchen we let all the meats rest while I completed the salsa and popped the top open on one of @mariesharpsusa wicked Belizean Hot sauce, this round was “Belizean heat”.

Finally I built my plate up with 2 tacos, 1 steak and the other chicken. Each taco sits on a grilled flour tortilla, with guac, meat, heaping scoops of grilled salsa roja, topped with pickled red onions and Hot sauce. Also a couple ribs and bacon wrapped queso stuffed jalapenos just incase I’m still hungry. 


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