TACO DAY 725/1000


Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things in the world hands down. Needless to say these are some of my favorite tacos and surprisingly one of the cheapest tacos to make for the whole family.

My chorizo breakfast tacos start off with prepping some bacon to go into the oven. We used some thick cut bacon slices with a little @meatchurchbbqsupply seasoning over the top. Next I heated up a skillet and get the chorizo cooking simultaneously. Once the bacon is done I set it aside and once the chorizo is ready I Crack in 8 eggs and scramble it all together.

The tortillas were made with some left over nixtamal corn masa, simply the best vessel for these tacos. Once the tortillas were ready I spread in a chile paste and mayo concoction over the top where I’d lay in the chorizo and egg. Over the hot chorizo I sprinkled in shredded jack, cilantro, the bacon slices, onion and avocado slices. For the tasty finale I popped open a bottle of @mariesharpsusa SMOKER MARIE smoked habanero hot sauce to add some heat and that habanero tastyness.

Thanks to @wildomargroceryoutlet for having everything I needed. With the exception on the masa and sauce I spent $8 to make this meal for 3 of us with plenty of leftovers.


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