TACO DAY 724/1000


When I asked @tcogd to describe his perfect taco he laid it out with such a poetic description I felt it necessary to recreate it to the best of my professional abilities.

His ideal taco is not the most popular one on any menu, in fact there’s only a couple spots in southern california that serves them. TCOGD describes a Puffy Taco filled with all the classic ingredients but the protein was a ground beef and papas mixture.

All the other ingredients are easy to come by except for the Puffy tortillas, those need to be made at home to be filled and eaten quickly before the crumble or get soggy. Making the best puffies mean you need to get your hands on raw nixtamal corn masa. Usually it can be acquired at your local tortillaria. 

Each Puffy has to be worked in the fryer by hand into shape. Some look crazy but they all taste the same. Pictured is the most perfect tortilla I’ve ever made 😍.  These tacos a stuffed full with ground beef with bacon fried papas mixed in, a layer of guac, shredded cheddar, deli style shredded lettuce , chopped tomato, cilantro and finally some vinegar and lime juice soaked onions.

Next week we’ll see what @tcogd had to say about it.


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