TACO DAY 733/1000Carne V Carnitas TACOS

TACO DAY 733/1000

Carne V Carnitas TACOS

Carnitas has a pretty substantially different flavor profile than carne asada but how would it taste paired directly with its barn yard rival in one killer taco? Let me answer that for you…..it’s tasty af!

Started last nights tacos off by grilling up some skirt steak slices to a proper finish on the @charbroilgrills . Once I was done and I moved the meat party into the kitchen. There I heated up some carnitas and beans to finish of the protein layer of my tacos.

The tortilla was a half corn/half flour hybrid that I melted jack cheese into. It made the perfect pallet for this taco creation.

This taco is topped in cilantro, homemade guac, picked red onions and final power slam of a homemade spicy chipotle crema.

It was pretty killer.


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