TACO DAY 741/1000


After my wife brought in a load of killer Purple Cherokee tomatoes she grew, my first thought was to make a killer pico de gallo. And a tasty qued up beef tri-tip is definitely the perfect partner to pair it with.

I busted out the 50 year old @charbroilgrills cb-940 and with some wood and charcoal and a little fire 🔥 the party was started.
Once my charcoals were ready I placed the meat down, off-set to the flame, as well as some pepper jack stuffed Poblanos.

Next I cruised on inside to hand chop up my veggies. Tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos, white onion, salt, lime juice and thats it.

With everything completed I chopped up my cheesy poblanos and placed it into an @elcomalproducts
Corn tortilla. I followed that with a scoop of the tri tip, salsa and a few drops from the Original Habanero sauce @mariesharpsusa !! OmG soo freaking good.

📸 – @thetacoslayers
  ✅ – #1000DAYSOFTACOS
Please follow @thetacoslayers for tacos everyday!

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