TACO DAY 743/1000


Yesterday’s taco session got off to a pretty wild start with the construction of 2 wicked sauces. With our garden shooting out veggies left and right we have an abundance of peppers and tomatoes to use up.

The first sauce I whipped up was an avocado salsa verde. First I boiled up some tomatillos, jalapenos, and fresnos. I blended them up before mixing in some hand chopped cilantro, green onion, garlic as well as salt, lime and vinegar.

The second sauce was a modified recipe I took out of @mikeyvshotsauce hot sauce cook book (courtesy of @thespicysister.ca ). I mixed some home grown habaneros(6), fresnos(5), and Thai chiles(13) up with some stewed carrots, garlic, white onion, salt, and apple cider vinegar.

With my sauces built up I marched out to the @blackstoneproducts and got the grilling. I started with a few slices of bacon to provide some natural oils to cook my seasoned pork meat in. Honestly this was a better idea than I could have expected. The bacon grease gave the adobada a very delicious flavor upgrade and helped cook it perfectly.

Once the meat was complete I used the remaining bacon grease to fry up some @elcomalproducts corn tortillas and melt some cheese to their surface.

Back inside I coated the cheesy tortillas with avocado salsa verde and piled in the adobada meat. Next I added cilantro, white onion and grilled pineapple slices before finishing this taco off with the wild homemade-homegrown pepper sauce 😋

Absolutely Killer!


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