TACO DAY 744/1000


I saw something online that I had to try, the #willitbandito cooking challenge from @blackstoneproducts @cjfrazier . The “Will it BANDITO” challenge says we need to incorporate 3 ingredients (bbq sauce, onions and chili cheese fritos) into a dish the has to be made using a blackstone griddle.
The challenge seemed simple enough and I was game.

For my entry I first used the chili cheese fritos in my homemade corn tortillas. I pounded the entire bag of chips into dust and mixed it with corn masa and water. Once it was ready I brought it outside to the blackstone, flattened out into tortilla shapes, and cooked each side.

Next I chopped up some cabbage, red bell peppers, and broccoli then mixed in some soy sauce, rice vinegar and the juice from one Orange. I used the green and white onions to make a tasty relish with the addition of lime, jalapeno and cilantro.

Finally with the blackstone still hot i dropped a few slices of bacon on it followed by a couple lbs of tri tip steak. Once the meat was ready, I pulled it off and poured a Budweiser BBQ sauce all over it.

With all the ingredients assembled on the frito chili cheese tortillas, I finished these tacos off with a light sprinkle of queso fresco. 😋

It bandito’d

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