TACO DAY 745/1000


I finally had the opportunity to try the world famous Las Cuatro Milpas tacos in San Diego. These tacos have been @tcogd highest score of all time and their yelp, Google and 4square reviews are all in the 4.5 stars out of 5.

As we drove up the location we spotted the huge line going down the street, a killer reflection to the deliciousness of these tacos. Once through the line we were greeted with the ladies prepping each order right infront of us.

Their tortillas are fried up before being stuffed full of pork carnitas, lettuce, and cotija. Each order gets a side of cilantro, onions and some KILLER chile arbol salsa. I strongly encourage you to make the trek down to San Diego and try them for yourself.

Thanks @tcogd , @watchdogluna , and @talentedjesse !


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