TACO DAY 751/1000


Normally I’d make the bulgogi beef in a cast iron skillet but I think grilled over open coals will be the process from now on because these came out epic.

Firstly I got the beefs marinating in a sweet bulgogi mixture then I readied up the slaw, a mixture of both purple and green cabbage, carrots, sesame oil droplets, rice vinegar, miran, and a little soy sauce.

Next I diced and mixed up cilantro, red onion, and lime juice for a tasty relish and then mayonnaise, sour cream with a little Drunken Sriracha Hot Sauce.

With everything ready to go, i headed out side with my sweet marinating meat and placed it right over the heated coals contained in my @charbroilgrills vintage CB940. Just a couple minutes on each side was enough for this thinly slice steak.

Inside we put it all together on a couple flour tortillas. A scoop of Sriracha cream to start things off with a little cabbage slaw. Next I meated up the tacos with a couple large helpings of the bulgogi steak, then cilantro relish and finally several drops from the @tacticalories Half cock’d Drunken Sriracha because it is darn delicious!

Also a shout out to my brother @baldjeremy and his family for burning up this SICK cutting board for us.


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