TACO DAY 757/1000


Dropped by my local carniceria after work yesterday and picked up a few pounds of the marinated pork flap meat for dinner.

My local market has all the bomb taco necessities: salsas, tortillas, hot sauces and always fresh Mexico grown produce. I picked up everything for dinner here. From the meat, house guacamole, cilantro and onions to the beef tallow flour tortillas.

Once home I immediately started the process of bringing up to heat the charcoal fed @charbroilgrills CB940. Once the grill was extremely hot I dropped each slice of meat on the iron grates. Pork and fire have such a beautiful relationship, definitely the loudest of all the other meats.

In a comal I heated up each tortilla and spoon-fed a yuge scoop of guacamole over their tops. Next I piled in the adobada along with close friends cilantro and onion.

I know you’re thinking to yourself, “Will man, adobada and al pastor tacos need pineapple!!”, but that’s where I’m 1 step ahead of you. To finish these tacos off opened up a fresh bottle of @mariesharpsusa PURE LOVE Pineapple Habanero hot sauce and doused my taco in its Pineapple love juice.

This sauce was definitely the map of these tacos. Sooo much flavor packed into this one.


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