TACO DAY 765/1000


What’s my current craving?? These are the tacos I could not stop thinking about for the last week and we finally made them.

With all the tomatoes from @shannon.domingo1 ‘s salsa garden, I’ve been trying to make meals that we can use them with beyond all the canning and salsa making that’s happening. Naturally just piling them on the tacos like this, is definitely best.. For this round of tacos we used Brandywine tomatoes that have a very distinct sweet flavor.

We slow cooked up some pork in a hatch salsa verde that I made earlier along with a couple real juicy purple Cherokee tomatoes. The carnitas came out incredibly tasty and after frying up some corn tortillias we piled the meat right in with shredded lettuce, those tomatoes, a little cotija and a very large spoonful of homemade garden habanero hot sauce.

I could probably eat these tacos alone for 1000 days straight 😋.


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