TACO DAY 764/1000


After watching a video of @evil_cooks smashing their burgers with a tortilla press to create their McSatan tacos, I was inspired. Their tacos look soooo incredible I had to try them at home.

First I mixed up ground beef with an egg and @lawrysseasoning (keeping it classic). Next I rolled up a few meat clods a smashed them up in my tortillas, which work out incredibly well.

Outside I cooked up each burger on the 1970s CB940 from @charbroilgrills along with some smoked sausage that I quartered up.

With the meat ready I brought out a few flour tortillas and covered their surface area with some cheese and placed them over the Charcoal. While the cheese was melted I place in some lettuce, onion, avocado and a few slices of Brandywine tomatoes before finishing these tacos off with an appropriate drizzling of @hahahotsauce, that’s where the laughing comes from. 😆

Absolutely Killer!

Thanks for the inspiration @pobre.diablo !


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