TACO DAY 781/1000


A few moons back my taco brethren and taco king, Chris at @eatmigos , shared the recipe for his favorite childhood tacos. That recipe was for refried beans and chorizo stuffed tacos and it was absolutely superb but for these tacos I switched things up and fried the final product.

After cooking up some chorizo I mixed it with refried beans. I then took that mixture and spread it over fresh corn tortillas, I used my favorites from @elcomalproducts , and placed the tacos into a pan of hot oil.

Once the tacos came out of the oil crispy I place them on a plate with cabbage and red onions. I then drizzled in some cream, sprinkled on cotija and finished these crunchy golden tacos off with @mariesharpsusa BEWARE Habanero sauce.

I’m definitely suggesting you make these tacos at home. I promise you’ll love them….you know, unless you don’t.


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