TACO DAY 793/1000


It’s not very often that your friends have a few hundred pounds of New Mexico grown hatch chiles hand delivered to their doorstep. Now imagine the excitement when I got the call that they had roasted them all up and saved me sack.

I’d been holding onto these hatches for a couple days and I could wait no longer. We picked up a few pounds of arracherra meat and my wife mixed together  her family marinade recipe before we soaked the meat for a few hours.

We cooked the beef over the fire of my @charbroilgrills before warming up my hatch chiles and chopping up red onions and cilantro. The base of these tacos would be an El Comalito flour tortilla from @elcomalproducts.

First I piled in the hatch chiles before a couple huge scoops of the chopped carne asada. Then I added the fresh chopped cilantro and onions followed by spoonfulls of a homemade Belizean carrot/habanero sauce. Next I sprinkled in some cotija and admired the beauty……then I ate those tasty beauties up 😉

A huge thank you goes to my awesome friends Mr. & Mrs. Ochoa. @theoutdoorsnewbie


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