TACO DAY 792/1000


We made some of best crispy fish tacos I’ve ever had last night.

First we took couple pounds of alaskin cod coated in blackened seasoning, egg, and panko and fries that up until crispy.

Next I mixed together both purple and green cabbage with cilantro, green onions, red bell peppers, orange juice, lime juice, red pepper flakes, rice vinegar and a little salt for an amazing slaw. Then whipped up a quick tarter sauce with mayo, relish, pepper, lime juice and worcestershire.

Before loading up my flour tortillas from @elcomalproducts I popped the cap on the @mariesharpsusa “Sweet Habanero pepper sauce” I showered my baja fish in its sweet and spicy flavors. I definitely underestimated the deliciousness of this sauce..

After combining my tasty fish with the slaw and tarter inside the tortilla I placed a few fresno chiles over the top and began to destroy these tacos. .then I went back and destroyed a few more.


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