TACODAY 791/1000


We did a pretty large tomato harvest in my wife’s salsa garden and i decided to use all the exotic tomatoes for a salsa, which ended up being such a great decision.

After hand chopping all the tomatoes, cilantro, onions, jalapenos and serranos I mixed in a little lime juice, salt and rice vinegar. I prepared the salsa first so all the flavors had the chance to get familiar with eachother before they were destroyed in the taco slaying.

Next I thinly sliced up a red onion and soaked it in some vinegar with garlic and pepper before setting that aside while the vinegar broke down the onion.

With a handful of @elcomalproducts el comalito corn tortillas I placed a thin layer of seasoned ground beef on and gently set that raw meat coated tortillas into some hot oil. After a few minutes the tortillas are crispy and the meat is cooked.

Obviously you can’t pile in the accoutrements into the taco so we piled them ON to the taco. Next we drizzled in some sour cream, scooped over the salsa, and sprinkled in some cotija.

Flipping killer little tacos!


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