TACO DAY 812/1000


My lovely wife and I decided on not cooking so we dropped by one of our local favorites and we discovered a taco I’ve never had before, the green taco.

After ordering 2 crispy carnitas tacos, 2 crispy shredded beef, 2 crispy chicken and 2 crispy potato I asked the young cashier if she had a favorite taco here. Her response was “the green taco is pretty popular ” so I ordered up one.

The green taco is a chile verde taco served up wet with green sauce soaking into the tortilla and huge chunks of slowcooked pork scattered over the top. After a scoop of pico de gallo is placed they serve it to you and OMG its so good althougg it’s best to not waist any time and eat it right when it comes to your plate.



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