TACO DAY 813/1000


After my wife spent the evening before making refried beans I figure we’d make some tacos to utilize those them.

Firstly I seasoned up some beef with @meatchurch “Dia De La Fajita” and grilled it up over coals on my old school @charbroilgrills  CB940.

Next I whipped up a pico de gallo as well as chopped up a red onion and let it soak in lime juice.

I used a flour tortilla and coated one side of it in cheese followed by a generious helping of refried beans. Next I piled in the steak, the pico, red onions, queso fresco and several drops of @mariesharpsusa
Green Habanero Sauce as strongly encourage by my brother @theoutdoorsnewbie .

A couple killer tacos needs to be paired with a tasty beverage so I grabbed the @gringolocobeercandy and @tajinusa then rimmed up my glass and after some ice I poured in half a topo chico, strawberry peach juice, and orange juice. BOOM, killer Mocktail no alcohol.


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