TACO DAY 815/1000

VEGAN TACOS FROM @graciasmadresocal

It’s been a while since I’ve had some delicious vegan tacos and since my long time friend and vegan taco enthusiast, @ericivy , was in town we hunted down some of Newports best.

The Cantina of choice was Gracias Madre who also have a location in North Hollywood. They are known for their beautiful dining areas, cocktail bar, and tasty veganized Mexican food.

We both ordered up the Taco Flight which came with a trio of veggie goodness packed into a few corn tortillas.

The first of which was a fried coconut taco with carrot aiole and pickled cabbage.

The second taco was a fried poblano mushroom baja style taco piled high with a cabbage slaw, pico, and a spicy cream sauce.

The final taco was a classic street style “al pastor” with seasoned up oyster mushrooms, pineapple slices, cilantro and onions.

Not only was Each taco full of flavor, but their sauce selection is top notch. I recommend you ask for the spicy! 

Thanks for the Hospitality!


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