TACO DAY 814/1000


The other day I was making smash burgers for family and I stuffed a few patties into a tortilla with Teriyaki sauce, pineapple, cilantro, and red onions. They were sooooo darn tasty and while in the moment I did it on the fly, I really wanted to revisit those tacos and give them a proper go.

This version of smash burgers is inspired by the culinary metal heads at @evil_cooks which they also serve as a taco. Instead of smashing the burger with on the grill with just muscles I drop it onto a tortilla press where i can use leverage to flatten the patties into sizes with feathering you just can’t achieve on a hot flat top by hand. Ofcourse it does shrink down into the perfect size for my tortillas.

The ground beef was seasoned with a blend of both @blackstoneproducts
Teriyaki and street taco spices. After cooking up the patties I chopped up a pineapple and cooked up some chunks with @kinderssauce Teriyaki sauce recommended from my home girl Tori. Next I heated up flour tortillas on a comal and melted a little cheese over the top where I placed the meat. The sweet grilled pineapple slices came next followed by a few pickled red onions and a dusting of cilantro.

Oh my oh my.  easily one of best tacos I think I’ve ever made.


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