TACO DAY 826/1000


Tried something new last night that I’ve never tried before, some stuffed and fried squash blossom tacos.

I picked up these flowers at the local Farmers market yesterday and last time I attempted these, I let the blossoms go bad in the fridge. Lesson learned, I cooked these bad boys up immediately.

First I ripped out the pistils of each blossom as they end up a little bitter when cooked. Next I stuffed each one with pepper jack cheese and dredged the flowers into some batter before dropping into hot oil for a few seconds.

With the blossoms fried up, I worked on a super hot mixed pepper salsa I made with a bag of farmers market hot hots, garlic, onion and apple cider vinegar. I also chopped up a red onion and pickled it in lime juice.

Finally I piled all my ingredients together on a toasted flour tortilla. First a layer of sour cream followed by the main attraction the fried squash blossom then cilantro, pickled red onions, the salsa and a little queso fresco. 

Oh my goodness, these tacos tasted incredible.


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