TACO DAY 832/1000


Yesterday was the gnarly 11 peak 26+ mile hiking event, the Fool’s Traverse from @trvrsoutdoors. After competitors finished up the hike they were invited to a wicked taco/beer cookout courtesy of @pacificchef and @arrowlodgebrew . We didn’t end up hiking the event but since our company, @seriouslystickers , donated to FOOL’S we got an invite to the taco party.

After our MUCH shorter hike to Potato Mountain with @sandwiches.and.cereal we headed up the hill to laugh and grub out with the finishers and organizers.

For the tacos Jeremy from @pacificchef worked up some braised short rib, potato, and chicken tacos. Each topped in guacamole, salsa verde, cotija, pickled onions,  cilantro all on a tasty corn tortilla. Then to sip while we ate, a tasty watermelon/jalapeno agua fresca. Booomb!!!

Shout out to all the sponsors, volunteers and supporters of the 2021 Fool’s Traverse! @trvrsoutdoors
@wanderingllamadesigns @patagoniapasadena @pacificchef @mwbaorg @seriouslystickers


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