TACO DAY 839/1000


We finally made it out to the skatepark to try out SHOVE IT TACOS in Lake Elsinore.

SHOVE IT TACOS isn’t your normal pop up taco shop. In fact proprietors/skate dads, Randy and Timmy, show up to skate parks and serve up hundreds of tacos for free to support children competing in the @socalskateseries . Did I mention FREE!

These gentlemen grilled up al pastor, carne asada, and chicken on the spot. They spent hours chopping cilantro, limes, onions and peppers. They even found time to smoke up some habaneros and create some extremely tasty sauces! And the tacos were freaking delicious!

While on hand I also had the opportunity to meet Ruben from @donwapohotsauce who hooked us up with some killer sauces to test out.

Thanks for the hospitality guys!


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