TACO DAY 851/1000


It’s been a while since we’ve made birria de rez at home some yesterday we made it happen one more time.

I started my birria early in the day, first by getting my meat all golden’d up for the slow cook. I used some chuck roast and oxtail. With my meat charred I added in onions, tomatoes paste, a variety of dried chiles and spices and slow cooked for a few hours.

Once the meat was ready I melted a little Oaxaca cheese to a consume dipped corn tortillas and dropped the juice beef right in. After the cheese was a little melted and a little toasted I pulled them off the heat and added in a lime/jalapeno cream, some tomatillo salsa and heaps of cilantro and red onion.

Lastly I returned that taco back and forth to the consume before stuffing my face with each bite.



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