TACO DAY 850/1000


Let me start off by saying, I freaking love chimichurri and these simple tacos tasted insane!

I started by building up the chimichurri with both cilantro and parsley. We chopped up everything by hand to keep the consistency thicker. With some fresno peppers, sweet onion,  garlic, salt, pepper, lime juice, olive oil and apple cider vinegar I had one hell of a chimichurri sauce mixed up.

With pounded chicken breasties I mixed in a little of the chimichurri and let it rest for a while before we cooked those tiddies up and afterwards I chopped it up and poured a little balsamic vinegar over the chicken as it rested. #runonsentence

Finally I piled both the chicken and chimichurri into a cheesed and toasted Sonora style flour tortilla and blessed the top with an avocado slice and a whole bunch of @mariesharpsusa Red Hornet Sauce.



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