TACO DAY 855/1000


Yesterday I capitalized on a New York Steak sale and when I got home I knew exactly what I was going make…….that’s right, tacos!

First I chopped up a red, green and yellow bell pepper along with a yellow onion and placed everything in a pan with a little oil and cajon seasoning.

While the peppers and onion cooked I thinly sliced up the steaks, seasoned them with bayou blend from @blackstoneproducts and cooked the meat on cast iron in and small batches.

I also mixed together sour cream, lime juice and some @bravosalsa . Finally on a cheese coated flour tortilla I placed the cooked veggies steak and drizzled in several drops of the Bravo sauce before finishing this taco off with a little cilantro.

So. Fricking. Tasty!


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