TACO DAY 860/1000


Yesterday I sparked up the 1970s Charbroil grill and got my smoke ok. I had a couple different packages of @adaptablemeals pre season pork and I wanted to combine them and make some pretty killer tacos.

Firstly I dropped the pork belly onto the grill to be off set cooked from the smoke. After an hour I added in the rest of the pork loin and ribeye meat over the coals directly and within a 25 minutes the meat was ready.

I paired these tacos with a pretty killer slaw that I prepared using diced green cabbage, cilantro, green onions, apple cider vinegar, crushed red peppers, miran, soy sauce and lime juice.

Next I chopped and dropped a mixture of the pork into a spicy sweet and sour sauce before it made its way into the flour tortillas with a pile of slaw over the top. I finished this taco off with several drizzles of @hi_spice Mango, the perfect hot sauce to increase the heat and sweetness of this taco entry.


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