TACO DAY 871/1000

Caliente Chicken Tacos

I spotted this @cholulahotsauce Caliente Wing Sauce the other day and I invisioned making this exact taco.

First I boiled up a couple chicken breasts and after about 20 minutes I pulled them out of the water and using a hand mixer I shredded the chicken up. With the chicken in much smaller pieces I mixed in the Caliente from Cholula until we ended up with this tasty orange color.

I placed the chicken on a flour tortilla with melted and crisped cheese followed by a small handful of lettuce, cilantro, and home grown bell peppers. Finally a spoonful of tasty homemade bleu cheese dressing finished up this taco. 

Soooooo bombdiggity

That super badass “eat more tacos” sign was made by the super talented @baldjeremy .


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