TACO DAY 934/1000 @samsahouse Adobada Tacos

TACO DAY 934/1000

@samsahouse Adobada Tacos

About a week ago some “Sam Sa’house” showed up at my door step with some specific instructions to destroy on only the most epic of tacos, so here we go.

The vessel of this taco is a perfectly made flour tortilla from the Mama Liche Tortillaria. Upon that tortilla sits a sheet of melted and crust cheese followed by a blanket of guacamole. On top of the Avocado concoction rests a heaping mound of fire grilled adobada meat and is then topped in onions, cilantro, and pineapple fresh pineapple chunks.

Next I popped open the bottle Piña Dañada from @samsahouse and drizzled all over.


While I was definitely expecting a wild heat to the sauce, it was anything but hot. The PiñaDeñada was absolutely a perfect blend of charred pineapples and Ginger with spice coming from Sam’s own grown Yellow Brainstem chiles and with such a full all around flavor I didn’t miss the heat at all.

Soooo Bomb! Thanks Sam!


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