TACO DAY 932/1000


Today’s dinner started with a great sale on pineapples at my local Market. With a 69 cent price tag it was evident that the perfect taco would be al pastor or adobada……atleast for last night 😉

I picked up a few pounds of seasoned meat from my local carniceria (belky meat market – wildomar, ca) and grilled them on the @charbroilgrills. Next I polished off the bag of hybrid flour/corn tortillas by cheese crusting up the face and shoveling in the adobada. I added in diced red onion, cilantro, homemade guacamole, and a giant sliver of fresh pineapple.

I finished this taco off with a drenching of the 7-Pot Katie Pepper infused Pineapple Ginger Hot Sauce from our TacoSlayer family at @hi_spice. Naturally, the perfect condiment a wicked good taco of this nature.


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