TACO DAY 946/1000


A few weeks back I recieved a package from the land of 10000 lakes, Minnesota, from my taco brother @samsahouse . This package contained a couple of Sam’s craft hot sauce flavors. While i tried out the super sweet ‘Pina Denada’ a few days back it was time I tried out the super hot option; the REAPALITY!

This particular sauce led me in the direction of fried chicken tacos with its heavy mixture of fermented carolina reapers and habaneros, garlic, and vinegar I thought it would be perfect and it was.

I used a couple flour tortillas and piled in a huge helping of a homemade jalapeno and purple cabbage slaw. After tossing the chicken around in a mixture of Realality and butter I delicately placed the strips into the taco and then i drizzled a little @bobsbigboysaladdressings Bleu cheese over the top for increased deliciousness.

Absolutely Wicked!

This Sam Sa’house REAPALITY is absolute fire and will leave you sweating for more.


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