TACO DAY 947/1000 HAHA Skrimp Tacos

TACO 947/1000

HAHA Skrimp Tacos

Last nights craving for shrimp tacos took us down a delicious and satisfying road.
Everything got cooked in on the stove and it cooks quickly so I prepped first.

First I chopped up a few bell peppers in a variety of colors along with a red onion. I seasoned them @tonychacheres and a little oil. Next I seasoned up my little shrimps with @blackstoneproducts bayou blend. I also made a mixture of @secretaardvark black bean sauce with worcestershire and a little oil. Lastly I made a spicy cream sauce consisting of sour cream, mayo, and a little tapatio.

With 3 hot pans I added a handful of shrimp to 1 and a handful of veggies to the other And a flour tortilla to the other other. A pan shake here, a pan shake there, and a tortilla flip over there. As I tossed the shrimps and peppers I added in a couple scoops of “secret” sauce in to each cooking pan and continued tossin till it looked awesome.

In my tortilla pan I placed a mountain if mozzarella cheese down and my toasted tortilla above that. It only takes a few seconds before the cheese is toasted and I can add in the taco fillings.

A layer of spicy cream as a base layer on the cheese tortilla followed by a few skrimps and covered in red,yellow,and green peppers and carmalized red onions. Another layer of spicy cream and a HUGE drizzling of my ALL TIME FAVORITE HOT SAUCE, @hahahotsauce from my brother @yatescomedy .

Sooooo damn tasty!!!


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