TACO DAY 953/1000


A few weeks ago @firstwefeast featured this wicked McSatan taco from @evil_cooks

on their Hamburger show listing it as one of the best to get in Los Angeles. Naturally I had to attempt a copy cat version of this epic taco at home until I can get to evil cooks myself.

I started by carmalizing a few sliced onions in a pan with butter and spices. Next I started some bacon in the oven to be ready by the time my meat patties were done.

Next I seasoned up some ground beef and separated it into little balls and the meat balls went directly into the tortilla press where I flattened them to perfection. With the beef flat I place them into a hot pan for a quick cook. After a single flip I placed a piece of American cheese over the done side until melted.

In another skillet I readied up a flour tortilla and melted then crisped some Mozzarella cheese to it surface. Next I placed in the ground beef patty followed by a very generous helping of onions, a couple scoops of guacamole and a strip of bacon. I finished these tacos off with huge drizzling of @cutinosauce Ghost to crank the heat up.

I strongly encourage you to visit @evil_cooks in El Sereno and experience the MCSATAN first hand.



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