TACO DAY 954/1000 2-22-22 – 2 MEAT TACOS

TACO DAY 954/1000

2-22-22 – 2 MEAT TACOS

When a once in a life time day happens we have to make the most of it. For the 22222 day we whipped up a double meat surf and turf tacos using some new york steaks and Shrimp.

First I grilled up the steaks on the @charbroilgrills after seasoning them with @meatchurch Fajita spices. Next I seasoned up the shrimp with @tonychacheres and cooked them on the flat top. Last I mixed together a sweet/spicy cream sauce and started preparing the meat vessel for consumption.

Each flour tortilla recieved a coating of crispy mozzarella cheese a scoop of @yucatanguac and I added the meat in. Next I piled in some grilled bell peppers and onions followed by the spicy cream and copious amounts of our own TacoSlayer Hot Sauce from @shakasauce

For 22222 we were joined with the @baldjeremy Fam Bam and for dessert we had some EPIC oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from @_mabelmakes!




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