TACO DAY 965/1000 SMTF Oceanside, CA Grand Opening

TACO DAY 965/1000

Yesterday we dropped by the grand opening of our friend’s gym in Oceanside, the @selfmadetrainingfacilityoside



And @mrsrosierodriguez

Really had a great event with venders, an open gym, photo booths, and naturally they had Tacos!!


Came loaded up with adoba,chicken and carne asada street tacos and a variety of delicious homemade salsa. We hung out and loaded up on a couple tacos and a @jarritos and watched the physical challenges go down.

Afterwards we headed down to the pier to get a first hand look of the Top Gun Charlie house right next to the water with a parked replica of Maverick’s Kaeasaki GPZ900R. #braap

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