TACO DAY 970/1000


We finally made our way back around to making these killer orange chicken tacos.

First I whipped up a cabbage slaw with green cabbage, cilantro, rice vinegar, soy sauce and a drop of sesame oil.

Next I quickly stir fried a diced white onion, red bell pepper and a hand full of bean sprouts in some left over bacon grease and set it aside.

After heating up some fried chicken bites I coated them in a tasty orange chicken sauce along with the stir fried veggies set them to the side while I prepped my tortillas.

I heated up a few flour tortillas and Coated them in @huyfongfoods Chile sauce and piled in the slaw. Next I dropped in a few scoops of the orange chicken mixture, a sprinkle of diced green onions, and a drizzle of @huyfongfoods Sriracha.

This is how you Orange Chicken!



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