TACO DAY 971/1000


Concocted a pretty killer round of breaky tacos last night and I started this cook by pulling out a couple new york steaks and beating them up a bit.

Afterwards I seasoned them with salt and pepper and set them aside whilst I mixed together a cream sauce using some sour cream and ancho chile paste and lime.

Next I chopped up some bacon slices real real thin like and heated it up in a skillet. After rendering out the bacon grease I pulled out the cooked bacon and placed it into another hot skillet containing some butter softened diced red onions. I mixed the two together and set it aside and used the left over bacon grease to cook up my new york steaks.

The steaks were pretty thin so I cooked them for just a couple minutes on each side and while they sat I cooked up a few scramby eggs. Lastly I toasted some flour tortillas and assembled the awesome.

Each tortilla received a generious coating of the spicy cream sauce followed by four slices of steak, a healthy scoop of eggs and also the bacon/onion mixture. I finished the tacos off with a little cilantro, queso fresco, and 14-17 drops of @crybabycraigs wicked habanero garlic hot sauce.

The perfect taco? Maybe.



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