TACO DAY 979/1000 Fried Mahi Mahi Tacos

TACO DAY 979/1000

Fried Mahi Mahi Tacos

A few days back I recieved a pretty awesome package from the kind folks @_tickle_your_palate_ . The package was a 10oz bottle of their “Exquisite Habanero” sauce and a note saying this sauce was the perfect addition for fish and that was all the motivation I needed to whip up a the perfect tacos to pair it with.

First made a batch of homemade blue corn tortillas which I eventually covered with melted cheese.

Next I made a citrus infused cabbage slaw using both purple and green cabbage, cilantro,carrots, red peppers with a little juice from both lime and lemons.

Lastly we seasoned and flour’d some Mahi Mahi and got to frying.

Afterwards I layed down a layer of cream sauce into my toritllas and placed a few pieces of Mahi Mahi into each one. I piled in a fat scoop of slaw next and drizzled in a massive amount of amount of the Exquisite Habanero from @_tickle_your_palate_ which had a slight hint of orange that went perfect with my citrus slaw and these tacos.

Sooooo freaking good!



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