TACO DAY 1000/1000!!!

TACO DAY 1000/1000!!!


What a wild freaking journey this turned out to be. Yesterday we celebrated my 1000th day of tacos with so many great people at @ranchitoelsinore . The owner, @tacoshopray , brought back their long forgotten taco, the super taco just for this occasion.

2 corn tortillas with melted cheese in the center and topped with al pastor, carnitas, or carne asada then topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, bbbbbbomb guac sauce, salsa verde, and a squirt of lime. I shared that first 1000th taco with everyone while proclaiming “this journey ain’t done yet!”

I’m absolutely blown away with how many people showed up and much fun we had!

Here’s just a few photos of my friends, the taco slayers!!!



TACO DAY 1000/1000 part 2


After a successful event at El Ranchito a few friends rolled over to TacoSlayer HQ where we had a late late night taco slaying courtesy of @hi_spice !!!

I grilled up a few tasty pounds of adobada meat and pineapple on the @charbroilgrills grill. I had a few left over @evil_cooks made corn tortillas and I coated them in a little crispy cheese layer and piled high the meat, grilled pineapple slices, pickled onions, cilantro, and a WHOLE bunch of of the locally sourced Hawaiian made HI Spice Smoked Scorpian Hot Sauce!!!

One of my favorite tacos to ear with some of my favorite people!!

Thank You to everyone who made this epic streak possible.



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