TACO DAY 999/1000


When your friends fly in from Texas and Hawaii for tacos you make sure they go to the very best. We met up with Justin and Katie from @hi_spice and Chris from @eatmigos to slay tacos in Taco Hell, @evil_cooks .

A few Fridays a month , Alex and Elvia from Evil Cooks host a “KAMAKAZI Taco Tasting” with a handful of some of the most original tacos ice ever seen.

They start off by serving up a taco pucadillo de tuna with caviar and avocado. They followed that up with a tempura squash & cauliflower taco with pickled onion. Next was escargot in salsa negra with a with a tostada and woah this was a first but soooo full of flavor. The following taco was an egg, bacon, and jalapeno popper then the Evil Classic the poseidon taco made of the black pulpa. Next we ate the Evil Enchilada , the street corn taco with fresh shaved truffles, a carnitas verde sope with an egg, and a dessert of devilish proportions. If the evenings tacos weren’t tasty enough Alex & Elvia sent us home with a McSatan (burger taco abomination) and their original black al pastor taco that @eatmigo split once we got home.

What a freaking incredible evening surrounded by some of the best humans ever. I highly encourage you to drop by Evil Cooks in Los Angeles at your earlier convenience.



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