TACO DAY 986/1000


Yesterday while on a local hike, we stopped at a little camp spot and broke out the JetBoil for some Tacos on the trail!

I utilized the @adaptablemeals smokey bourbon sirloin steaks as they’re pre seasoned, individually sealed and easily ready to rock. While the meat cooked in a pan with a little oil, I chopped cilantro, and red onion. On high/med, it only took about 3min on each side and while the meat rested, I heated up a few flour tortillas over the open fire for a few seconds.

I placed a few slices of the smokey bourbon steak into the tortillas and sprinkled on the cilantro, onions, a little queso fresco and I drizzled on a little hot sauce for good measure.

The Smokey Bourbon steaks really came in handy for a super easy dinner option especially since we spent it on the trail.

Thanks @adaptablemeals !!!



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