TACO DAY 997/1000


From taco Days 400 to 800 we worked with my friends over at the @ourbrew brewery in Redlands, CA to make some pretty tasty TacoSlayer special edition beers. It was a really cool experience as we went from brewing and making tacos in their garage to brewing and making tacos in their huge brewery. Now days they’ve really settled in to their building, operating their big time brewing machines and fully decorated by the talented @whin_iii .

Since they’re celebrating their anniversary at the end of the month I thought it appropriate to pop open one of the last @ourbrew #tacoslayer800 honey habanero blonde ales and use it to help batter up a few pounds of shrimp. The beer, a little flour, some seasoning and salt and once the mixture is batterlike, I dunk and fry.

For this particular occasion sparked up the @Charbroil and using an @adaptablemeals Santa Maria style Tritip I seared each side on high for about 5 min each before placing it off the flame, closing the lid and cooking it for about 12 min before the inside hit an internal temp of 135 at its biggest piece. 😀

Back inside we chopped and seasoned some red bell peppers and onions for stir frying in left over bacon grease. Next I mixed together a spicy cream sauce using some @shakasauce

Made TacoSlayer Hot Sauce, a little Mayonnaise, sour cream and a squirt of lime.

These tacos were constructed together on a toasted flour tortilla with melted and crusted mozzarella cheese. I placed in a layer of chopped tritip and dropped in the stir fried bell peppers and onions followed by a sprinkling of cilantro, a handful of beer-battered skrimps and drizzling of spicy cream sauce.

Definitely one of my favorite tacos of all time.

Cheers & Congrats Our Brew!!!



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