TACOS DAY 994/1000


This 1000 day taco slaying journey has been so wild and I’ve had the opportunity to build so many great relationships. One in particular is that of @hahahotsauce creator and all around great human being, Dave Yates @yatescomedy

After trying his expertly put together orange, pear, apple cider vinegar and carolina reaper hot sauce you’d be blown away to find out making hot sauce isn’t his full time gig. In fact he’s a professional comedian who slings this hot sauce at his merch booth instead of other high dollar low return items like calenders or t-shirt. It’s a genius idea that keeps people coming back to his family recipe artisan hot sauce over and over.

Because of HAHA Hot Sauces versatility I used it on yesterday’s breakfast tacos (for dinner). My tacos were simple: flame toasted blue corn tortillas, a heaping mound of scramby eggs, polish sausage, a slice of bacon , and a whole bunch of sauce. I also drizzled in some HAHA on both my hash browns and waffles.

Thank you for everything Dave!



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