TACO DAY 661/1000


Stopper by my local grocer yesterday and came across a new brand of pre marinated carnitas and decided to give it a goo. The brand was @adaptablemeals and the seasoned pork just needed to cook slowly for 4 or 5 hours.

While the meat was cooking I readied up a fresh jar of pickled red onions and chopped up some cilantro. As the carnitas was finishing up I threw some bacon into a pan and cooked it up. While the bacon does get used, what I really wanted was all those bacon juices in the hot pan to finish off the carnitas.

Afterwards I layered things onto the last of my purchase blue corn tortillas. Carnitas first followed by cilantro and a FAT scoop of @yucatanguac and then the pickled red onions. After dropping in some bacon pieces I dripped on a squirts of the @mariesharpsusa BEWARE Hab Sauce which was incredibly tasty.



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