TACO DAY 682/1000


It’s been a while since I pulled out my travel 22in @blackstoneproducts griddle and with some up coming camping trips planned I thought it might be nice to clean her up and give her a little spin around the block. After picking up some marinated chicken and salsa at my local carniceria I headed home and fired her up.

And just like it wasn’t sitting on the shelf for the better part of a year it started right up and once it got up to heat I dropped in the chicken. While the meat was cooking I made some blue corn tortillas and a delicious cabbage broccoli and cilantro slaw that I would pile my meat ontop of. I also utilized both freshly made red and green sauces I picked up from the carniceria and dumped them on with queso fresco, red onions, and a little more cilantro just because. Turned out sooo flipping good.


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