TACO DAY 693/1000


On Saturday I spent the day smoking a big ol brisket. I separated the point and flat to make 2 different meals out of the meat. While the first taco was savory and sweet today’s taco was going to be the opposite. 

Chimichurri is one of my favorite sauces to compliment steak. Recently I’ve been making it by hand instead of a blender and it’s made the final product even more  beautiful. I take 2 bunches of parsley with 3 bunches of cilantro and finely chop it up. I also chopped and add in garlic, red bell peppers, 3 smoked serranos, and a white onions with apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, olive oil, oregano, pepper, crushed red peppers and salt. I mix it all together and let it rest for a few minutes while the flavors get all friendly with eachother. The aroma of the fresh chopped herbs is freaking amazing.

The tortilla was of the blue corn variety and while I knew it was going to be tasty I still had my doubts on if it could support the massive amount of meat and chimichurri I planned to place inside. I solved this by melting some Oaxaca queso to one side giving it the stability needed and adding another excellent ingredient to this taco.

Once ready, I piled the brisket onto a bed of fresh fuerte avocado slices followed by a heaping scoop of the fresh chimichurri and proceeded to destroy…….CORRECTION: I took the pictures first then I destroyed.


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