TACO DAY 710/1000


Sometime’s I only stop at the farmers market to see if @jntsbbqsauce is slinging some of his world famous gourmet bbq sauces. And if he is, I like to pick up the Sweet and super Spicy San Andreas variety. This sauce goes great on everything but today i used I’d for some WICKED pulled pork tacos.

After doing some research on pulled pork sandwiches I decided to make a taco version with my favorite bbq sauce. I slowcooked a pork butt for a few hours in beer and pineapple juice.

While the meat was cooking I constructed a classic red cabbage slaw adding in cilantro, green onions, carrots, rice vinegar, mayo, and sour cream. During that time I also grilled up some onions that would later be used as a topper. Finally when the meat was finished I removed it from its juices and SHREDDED her up.

For these tacos I used a thick flour tortilla and piled in the slaw to create a nest before laying down the meat. At this moment I sprinkled some bacon shards over the top before pouring over a racing stripe of @jntsbbqsauce
SAN andreas BBQ sauce. A few grilled onions and cilantro graced the these tacos before an earthquake of destruction tore through them. That earthquake was me.


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