TACO DAY 711/1000


Every couple weeks we have to throw down some killer puffies stuffed full with all the usual suspects: seasoned ground beef, @yucatanguac , lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

Filling these tacos up is definitely the easy part while constructing these tortillas are the real struggle. The tortillas puff up in the hot oil because the masa hasn’t been cooked yet and it’s still in its raw form. Once you flatten out the masa you place your raw tortilla shape inside the oil and while frying you only have about 15 seconds to get the tortilla into its final shape. If it doesn’t cook fast enough your utensils with rip holes through the tortilla and if it cooks too fast it will break before you get the opportunity fold it into its proper form.

You can see how different each tortilla is from the other, not one ends up the same.

I finished these tacos off with a plentiful pour of the @honoluahotsauceco “the cave” hot sauce. I’m a sucker for a killer habanero sauce and this was just that plus it had the additional flavors Hawaiian chile peppers, and pineapple and just the right amount of heat.


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